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Crystals of the Month

June 2022


Going into June and the later half of the year - be ready, take responsibility of self. It is time to find stillness and find the silence within you. A good crystal for your spiritual body is Fuschite (shop crystals). 


What is the spiritual meaning of Fuschite? This crystal can help you to access information on your daily routine, allowing you to change this and to find time to sit still and in silence. The other crystal that I felt drawn to share with you, to help with mental/emotional energies, is Sodolite.


What is Sodalite good for? It encourages you to always questions your actions and reactions. One more crystal for the physical body is Alexandrite. It brings inner peace and regenerations of your cells. Always remember: be gentle with yourself.   


Relationships and Spirituality

July 2022

It is a human feeling and desire to want to find the joy and happiness of a relationship.  However, the dynamic of unions can play out very differently. Most often, when people grow apart and one is more spiritual than the other, it was destined that way from the beginning. You chose a person who wasn't going to have a high volume of spirituality while you were trying to grow yours.


If you saw them not growing as you were growing, those are a set of choices that you made in the past that now directly affect your present. When someone isn’t growing, they’re not healing. This is why I say it's our individual journey, and this is where so many people screw up – on the fundamentals. 


Oftentimes, people become couples and they think their spiritual journey is shared and bonded. However, it is only shared and bonded when they’re sharing a bed and sharing a dream space. There can be a common set of ethics that can be created but these must have a strong and established individual basis. 


This means that when you're on your spiritual journey the love is still there as the basis and foundation for creation, but the journey into the spiritual self is an untangled, individual process.  And, when the other is ready to raise their frequency you will be able to assist them through what you've learned. But, you don't take them on as projects.


The situation where we see people taking on unhealed people as a project can be common. Almost always, in any relationship, if it's a few years old (and I discover this type of discord), it is because they took the other person on as a project and settled for something that they didn't really want.


When a relationship is love based and the parties are truly exchanging love portals between their heart chakra centers you don’t have these same issues. When you are going on your individual journey, you are allowing your partner’s love to be a background part of your footstep to footstep process into the ever moment of now, because it’s your support, their love.

- Adriana Frassanito 


How Can I Make Teeth White Naturally?

August 2022


There are some simple, affordable and easy ways to take care of your oral hygiene and even get whiter teeth! 


Most items you can find in your pantry cupboard or grocery store. 

What you need:

Hydrogen Peroxide, Small Dropper Bottle, Ultra-Soft Tooth
Brushes, Baking Soda, Tongue Cleaner, Aloe Vera Juice.

Always use ultra-soft toothbrushes….they are just as
effective, but do not harm the teeth and gums.

For Healthy Teeth & Gums…2 times a week only!

1.      Floss your teeth.

2.      Brush with a little bit of toothpaste….leaving the toothpaste in
your mouth.

3.      Place a teaspoon of baking soda in the palm of your hand and dip the tooth brush in the baking soda and brush your teeth gently for a couple of
minutes. FYI, the baking soda & tooth paste needs to be used together…do not use the baking soda on its own.

Special Note: Test this out first slowly…some people are more sensitive
than others.


For the freshest breath…once a day!

1.      Each day after your brush, put 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide in an
ounce of water and swish it around in your mouth and gargle it for 45
seconds….do not swallow!

2.      This should be followed (5 min later) with by swishing 1 oz. of Aloe
vera juice in your mouth for 15 to 30 seconds.

Special Note: Hydrogen peroxide kills all bacteria in your mouth, even the
good stuff….that is why following with Aloe Vera is important!


Bonus tip: now smile!


What is the Power of Amethyst Crystal?


September 2022


Among healing crystals, amethyst is well known and loved by many. The birthstone for February and Aquarius, amethyst is a name used for any purplish type of crystal quartz. 


What is the amethyst stone good for? 


Amethyst is associated with protection, recovery, relieving stress and anxiety and overall regeneration. When people think of this beautiful stone, they may also associate a peaceful, cleansing and calming feeling. You will notice the beautiful and powerful hexagonal crystal system of amethyst. 


History of amethyst 


Amethyst has a long and interesting history. Just one example of the use of amethyst was as one of the stones in the breastplate of the high priest who served at the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Throughout the centuries, the colour purple has often been associated with high rank and royalty. 


Is amethyst the stone of sobriety?


Did you know that amethyst was thought to be a potent deterrent to intoxication? This is why it was frequently used to cut wine goblets! The crystal continues to stand for sobriety. 


How to use amethyst in your home


  1. Try placing amethyst on your pillow or nightstand with the aim of promoting a better night’s sleep. 

  2. Use amethyst during meditation, holding it while you practice or lying down with it placed on your third eye. 

  3. Put amethyst in your home workspace to invite a feeling of calm and centredness. 

Where to buy amethyst

It is important to look for genuine amethyst so that you can experience the real qualities of the stone. You can shop for authentic amethyst through our secure shopping portal


How does the crystal work?

October 2022



People are often fascinated by the beauty of crystals and they are most often divine to look at. However, the way crystals function is something that holds great intrigue.

We have the notion that crystals can transmit, cure, amplify, and do a few other things. The truth of this is that using crystals enhances our human potential to heal, amplify, and focus on ourselves more clearly.


How do you use a crystal? 


When using crystals there is a saying from Ronald A. Bonewitz which is highly useful to remember. This is: clear intentions get clear results. 


As the author explains, unless we are clear about our goals and objectives, the results will always be the same –  regardless of how many yoga classes, new-age workshops we attend or self-help books we read. Crystals are excellent at reflecting who we are back to us.


Setting intentions with crystals


Setting intentions allows you to have a more intimate relationship with your crystals because you are essentially telling the stone what you specifically want their assistance with. Since your needs may change over time, it's crucial to convey your objectives.


Because crystals are metaphorically (and sometimes literally) like mirrors, we can use them in a way that is completely personal, as long as it resonates with the pure energy emanating from your own true self. 


How do you set pure intentions? 


You may wish to use prayer or meditation in conjunction with setting an intention with your crystal. Being authentic and opening your heart, mind and soul is so important in this process or ritual – whichever way you use to look at it. 


There is no one way of using your crystal in the practical sense. You may wish to write down your intentions on paper and then meditate on them holding your crystal/s, perhaps placing them to your heart centre or your third eye (pineal gland). 


However, you may find your own unique practice by tuning into your Inner Being. Honour what works for you. 


Crystals are tools for emanation

In terms of using crystals, the most important thing is that you respect the healing journey and do what feels right according to your personal relationship with your crystal/s.


Remember, they are tools and methods and all they do is reflect back to us. It is you who holds the intention and the power to heal, transform and emanate. 


Much love, 


Adriana xx


Super New Moon January 2023 


This Sundays’ 22nd January 2023 Qld Australia time, the New Moon will be the closest and longest New Moon to Earth in a period of 1337 years. The point on the Moon’s orbit that is closest to Earth is called perigee; the farthest point is called apogee.

The Moon’s orbit around Earth is not a perfect circle. Instead, it has an elliptical shape, like a slightly stretched circle. This means the distance between the Moon and Earth changes over the course of a month.

The Three Closest New Moons, 1000 CE to 3000 CE

Year Date Earth-Moon Distance:

1030 December 3 356,562 km (221,557 miles)

2023 January 21 356,568 km (221,561 miles)  This Sunday

2368 January 20 356,559 km (221,555 miles)  not sure if I’ll be alive.

The New Moon will not be visible for a few days. This Super New Moon does have a small effect on tides and anything to do with the Moon has the potential to fill us with wonder and curiosity.

What could this New Moon mean for you? 

Because this Super New Moon is incredibly intense, it could be time to work on your inner energetic body and the vibe you are projecting to the world. You could look to meditation and mindful practice, making space to draw inwards. 

What to do on a New Moon spiritually?

Put your intentions in writing

Create positive affirmations 
Take a bath or go for a swim
Make a sacred space
Be open to new possibilities, acquaintances, or experiences.

To take advantage of the the power of the New Moon you may like to join my FREE event: Planting Your Seed of Creation: New Moon Meditation

Blue Skies
Is Earth the only planet with life? The Pitoni Stones


We often wonder if we are alone in the universe and look to a wide range of signs to indicate life on other planets, solar systems and even galaxies. 


The story of the ‘Pitoni SkyStones' has attracted interest since the 1990s, with accounts that the special geological formations were brought from extraterrestrial visitors to our planet Earth. 

What are Pitoni SkyStones? 

These beautiful stones have a matte blue appearance and are streaked with white throughout. They call to mind something celestial and otherworldly. 


Purportedly, Pitoni Stones have been found to be made up largely of Oxygen. It has also been reported that stones are unnaturally resilient, as heating the stone to high temperatures will not alter the mineral, nor will acids will break it down.


Researchers came to the conclusion that the stone was distinct from all other stones discovered on Earth and that it most likely came from another planet. It is believed that the Sky Stones are at least 55,000 years old.


View what is said to be the only collection of Skystones in the entire world here

The Story Behind the SkyStones

An archaeologist and geologist named Angelo Pitoni is said to have found the Skystones. They were discovered in Sierra Leone, West Africa, in 1990. 


According to local myths, the stones were actually once-sky-dwelling beings. Because of their transgressions, God turned them into stones and tossed them to Earth where they would remain buried under the planet's surface.


Discover more about the story behind Pitoni Stones here


Shop crystals available on this site. 

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