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Crystal Therapist,. Holistic Counsellor/ Coach

Meditations, Retreat, Workshops, Ceremonies & More 

Holistic Health and Well Being

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Crystal Therapy North Brisbane

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A crystal is a rock formation that emanates refined energies. Their specific properties may assist people with their health, business, and private lives. 


The objective of Crystal Therapy is to bring about the immense potentiality within each person. 


Why wait to transform your life? 

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Holistic Health Care

What are holistic techniques? In order to address the underlying causes of disease and improve overall wellness, holistic healing embraces the entire body, mind, and spirit as one.​Emanating Crystals' approach to holistic therapy involves the transformation of thought processes. Through metaphysical counselling and inward journeying (by connecting to Earth energies) this treatment can be used to help people change their way of life.​What can you expect at your session? Rest assured, emphasis is on making you feel comfortable and in tune with your specialised treatment — right from the outset. ​However, it’s normal that you might have some more questions and your practitioner is always available. You also might like to review some FAQS via the link below. ​Are you feeling this resonate with you? 

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Communicate with the Crystals 

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Crystals are powerful healing tools. They have been used throughout history for protection, for improved health and to create peace and harmony 一 both internally and externally. But, did you know that crystals have their own language?

At Emanating Crystals, your professional practitioner is Adriana. Adriana's most unique gift and offering to this planet is her ability to “communicate with the crystals”.

Adriana’s specialities are to help and support those who: 


  • Feel lost, stuck and unmotivated

  • Feel unsupported and unloved

  • Are unhappy in their current jobs/workplaces


As well as to assist: 


  • Women with fertility issues

  • House and land owners who sense disharmony in/on their properties.

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